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An Attempt at Natural Delivery in 1500 Afghan Primigravidae  
Author(s) Name:

Shahnaz Parveen,Rabeea Sadaf, Lala Rukh Malik

Address of Correspondence

Shahnaz Parveen, 1Consultant Hayatabad Medical Complex,Peshawar


Objective: To assess the advantages and disadvantages of Natural labor.
Study Design: An open observational study
Duration of study: January, 2003 to July, 2006.
Place of Study: Mercy Teaching Hospital, Peshawar Pakistan.
Methodology: 1500 Afghan Primigravidae were included in the study. Only patients with singleton cephalic pregnancies at 37 weeks of gestation or above were studied. Induction by medical or surgical methods (artificial rupture of membranes) was done, only when medically indicated. Use of oxytocics and episiotomy was similarly avoided.
Results: Normal vaginal delivery occurred in 92.04% and operational deliveries in 7.06% cases. Episiotomy was performed in 9.06% of normal vaginal deliveries. The average duration of total labour was 12 hours. Postpartum haemorrhage occurred in 1.2% cases.
Conclusion: Natural labour under proper supervision is as safe as active labour. The added benefits are reduced cost, reduced perineal trauma and patients pride in her fortitude.
Keywords:  Primigravidae, induction, episiotomy, Oxytocics .    

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