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Comparison of Maternal Morbidity in Caesarean Delivery for Failed First and Second Stage of Labour  
Author(s) Name:

Farhat Arshad, Naheed Bano,
Shazia Syed

Address of Correspondence

Dr. Farhat Arshad, Assistant Professor of Obs /Gyn, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi


Objective: To compare, the short term maternal morbidity in caesarean sections, done for failed 1st and 2nd stage of labour.
Methodology: This study was conducted in department of obs / gyn unit I Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi from 1st March 2008 till 28th February 2009, It was a Cross sectional comparative study. Sample Size was calculated by using formula n = z2 Pq / E2 (with prevalence of CS for failure to progress at 10%)  as 138. Keeping in view the hospital turnover of patients (8-10/ month), 100 patients were included in this study.
Results: Compared with Ist stage failure, women undergoing LSCS for second stage failure were more likely to have intra operative complications, like extension of uterine incision, uterine atony, injury to adjacent organs, blood loss of more than 1000 ml and increased intra operative blood transfusion. In post operative period, these women had increased febrile morbidity, urinary complaints and Foleys catheter retention for a longer duration.
Conclusion: Maternal intra operative complications and post operative morbidity significantly increase in women undergoing caesarean delivery at full cervical dilatation compared with LSCS done at less than full cervical dilatation.
Keywords: Complications of caesarean section, First stage failure LSCS, Second stage failure LSCS, maternal morbidity.


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