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New Zealand and Around: The Native Inhabitants and Their Pertinent Matters - Part I  
Author(s) Name:
Khalida Adeeb Khanum Akhtar, Sadia Khan
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Editor-in-Chief JSOGP

The quest moves still further around the globe, across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand (NZ) and around.
A generally known concept is that Maoris were the first inhabitants of NZ since over 1000 years. They will be described and discussed in part II of this paper, in the next issue of this journal. What is generally unknown however is the fact that a white skinned red haired population resembling the Europeans, dwelled in NZ since immeasurable time.1
The historic leaves of their existence have as yet been unturned officially, because their existence has been kept a secret by the present colonial authorities of NZ, who have even prohibited the archaeologists to disclose such ancient finds to the world. It was only through some private sources etc. that the information percolated and it is now known that such a race existed in NZ before the Maories. The latter called them Patu- Paiareche (PP) mostly and some others and confessed through their oral tradition, that mostly when they arrived in NZ, there was already a large wall developed white population living in the country.1
Thus Maoris were not the first inhabitants of NZ, as is often reported in the literature. Therefore undoubtedly the former white people were the original inhabitants of NZ. The origin of whom can be traced back over a tremendously vast  span of time, not only from southern Europe, but as far away as from northern Africa, a proposition bound to become clear, through the pages of this article.
Particulars of the first inhabitants of NZ
Complexion: It was much lighter than the Maoris, being white or light ruddy. Some had freckled faces.1
Hair Colour: Was red "uru-Kehu", to white to dull gold "blond" with some brown tinge. (A braided sample of such multicoloured hair has been collected from Waitakere rock shelter and kept in Auckland war Memorial Museum.1,2
Eye Colour: Blue to green, like the Europeans, with some darker tints, i.e. black.2
Physical Stature: By and large they were of about the same height as the Maoris. However one group had considerably short height of only 4 feet (1.2m), and were called Teruchu people (white pygmies)2, who had golden blond hair, large blue eyes and had nice, but child like features.1
There was yet another group, very tall, with average adult height of around 7 feet.

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