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Successful Management of Heterotopic Pregnancy Following Foetal Reduction with Intracardiac Potassium Choloride  
Author(s) Name:

Nabia Tariq, Atif Rana ,
Andleeb Sarwar

Address of Correspondence

Prof. Nabia Tariq, Professor of Obs/Gyn, Shifa college of medicine, Islamabad.


A case of heterotopic pregnancy of a 26-year-old woman who was diagnosed at the 9th week of gestation. A non surgical intervention comprising of ultrasound-guided aspiration of amniotic fluid and instillation of a 1ml of potassium chloride into the foetal heart of extra-uterine foetus resulted in successful outcome. Resorption of heterotopic pregnancy occurred and the intrauterine pregnancy successfully reached term.
Key Words: Heterotopic pregnancy, Pregnancy outcome, Intracardiac Potassium chloride.


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