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Bone Mineral Density Measured by Ultrasound among Resident Doctors of Multan and their Correlation with Common Risk Factors  
Author(s) Name:

Nasira Naseem

Address of Correspondence

Dr. Nasira Naseem, Senior Registrar, Nishtar Medical College, Multan


Objective: To determine the bone mineral density (BMD) among resident doctors of Multan and correlate them with common risk factors.
Study Design: Cross sectional study.
Place and duration of study: The study was conducted at Nishtar Hospital Multan from May 2012 to July 2012.
Methodology: All the resident doctors working at Nishtar Hospital Multan were included in our study. One hundred and fifty doctors were enrolled on basis of convenient sampling, ultrasound of right calcaneal bone was performed using Osteosys machine, factors leading to reduced bone mineral density were recorded in Proforma and analyzed using SPSS 10.
Results: Only 29 doctors out of 150 selected cases had normal BMD, 107 doctors, were osteo-paenic and 14 doctors were osteoporotic. BMD had significant positive correlation with weight, height, Body Mass Index (BMI), physical activity, diet and calcium phosphorus ratio.
Conclusion: Young healthy resident doctors had significantly lower bone mineral density. We identified positive correlation with lower BMI, reduced height, poor bioavailability of dietary calcium, inadequate physical activity and Vitamin D deficiency.
Key Words: Bone mineral density, Environmental factors, Osteopaenia.


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