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Providing Maternity Care in Rural Pakistan: A Way Forward  
Author(s) Name:

Rizwana Chaudhri, Naheed Bano, Humera Noreen, Lubna Ejaz

Address of Correspondence

Dr. Naheed Bano , Assistant Professor, Obs/Gynae Unit I, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi


Objective: Analysis of a low cost intervention project on maternal and neonatal care in rural set-up and to present it as a model for low resource countries.
Study design: Quasi-experimental design using a before and after approach to compare the im-pact of interventions.
Place and Duration: Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Holy Family Hospital (HFH), Rawalpindi from 01-04-07 to 31-03- 2010.
Methodology: Pre-and post-intervention out-patients, admissions, deliveries and ultrasound per-formed were compared. Data was collected from the registers maintained at the target sites on monthly basis and compared on yearly basis.
Results: Out-patients increased from 20492 to 44953 at Chakwal, 2518 to 11639 at Talagang, 988 to 1960 at rural health centers and 2140 to 2854 at basic health units. Admissions increased from 3814 to 6014 at Chakwal, from 611 to 1364 at Talagang. Ultrasound performed increased from 7821 to 30771 and from none to 3827 at the two sites. Vaginal deliveries increased from 1953 to 3183 and from 451 to 822 respectively. C-sections registered an increase from 446 to 944 and 27 to 160.Admissions, deliveries and C-sections were not performed at rural health centers and basic health units. Record of maternal and neonatal mortality was not available prior to intervention.
Conclusion: Developing countries should initiate projects to reduce maternal mortality and mor-bidity considering their unique circumstances.
Key words: Maternal mortality, Safe motherhood, Punjab Safe-motherhood Project.


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