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The Maternal and Perinatal Outcome of Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia Treated with Magnesium Sulphate  
Author(s) Name:

Khanda Gul, Zeenat Gul

Address of Correspondence

Dr. Khanda Gul, Senior Registrar, Obs/Gynae Unit 1, Bolan Medical Complex Hospital Quetta


Objectives: To observe the maternal and perinatal outcome of pre-eclampsia (PE) (moderate to se-vere) and eclampsia (ECL) treated with Magnesium sulphate (MgSO4).
Study Design: A Cross Sectional study.
Place and Duration: Department of obstetrics and gynaecology (obs/gyn), Unit-I,Bolan Medical Complex Hospital (BMCH), Quetta from 11.2.2007 – 10.8. 2007.
Methodology: During six months, 1726 deliveries took place in Obs/Gynae unit 1, BMCH, Quetta. Twelve ECL and 48 PE patients were included in the study, who were given MgSO4 as an anticonvulsant. Data was collected according to proforma.
Results: They were compiled and analyzed by using SPSS version 10. The study was conducted on 60 patients, 48 PE and 12 with ECL. The average age of the patients was 27.1±5.7 years (The mean age with SD was 27.1±5.7 years), mean gestational age was 36.7±1.9 weeks, and average number of children i.e. parity was 2.9±2.73 years (I.e. mean conception with SD). High incidence of ECL was seen in antepartum cases i.e. 91.67%. Majority of the patients were primigravidae in both groups (63.4%). No recurrent fits were encountered in any group. One patient died due to pulmonary oedema while no patient died because of MgSO4 administration. Overall perinatal mortality rate was 18.9%. Apgar scores of neonates were found to be in good condition in both groups.
Conclusion: MgSO4 is the drug of choice for prevention and treatment of ECL.
Key Words: Eclampsia, Pre-eclampsia, Anticonvulsant, Maternal morbidity and mortality, Perinatal morbidity and mortality.


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