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Frequency of Clinically Palpable Lumps in Patients Presenting with Breast Disease in Breast Clinic  
Author(s) Name:

Asifa Dayan

Address of Correspondence

Assistant Professor, Dept of Surgery, Rawalpindi Medical college and Allied Hospital, Rawalpindi.



Objective: To study the frequency of clinically palpable lumps in patients presenting with breast disease in breast clinic operated by a female surgeon in one year.
Study Design: Descriptive case series.
Place and Duration: Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) for six months from Jan 2013 to June 2013.
Methodology: In this study patients, presenting with breast disease in the weekly organized breast clinic of a teaching hospital, were enrolled. Patients were divided into 2 groups, i.e., Group A and Group B. information regarding age, presenting complaints and diagnostic findings were collected. All patients with clinically palpable lumps were further investigated for benign or malignant nature of disease according to triple assessment (clinical examination, imaging and tissue diagnosis).
Results: In the weekly breast clinic at BBH a total of 241 women presented with breast disease in 1 year. Out of whom 155 patients i.e. 64.31% had a clinically palpable lump in breast and 86 patients i.e. 35.68% presented with pain and other symptoms. Among the palpable lumps, lumps were benign in 75.48% and 24.51% lumps came out to be malignant in a ratio of 3.07:1.
Conclusion: In patients presenting at our breast clinic, the commonest symptom was a palpable lump.
Key Words: Clinically palpable lump, Breast clinic.


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