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A Rare Case of Recurrent Gestational Gigantomastia with Complete Resolution After Delivery Case Report
Author(s) Name:
Attiya Begum, Khansa Iqbal, Kausar Kyani

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Attiya Begum, Assistant Professor, Dept of Obs/Gynae, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi

Gigantomastia is an extremely rare condition characterized by diffuse enlargement of breasts over and above their physiological size. This rare disorder of undetermined aetiology, may be induced by ovarian steroids, somatotropic, and lactogenic polypeptides during pregnancy. Target organ hypersensitivity or increased number of hormonal receptors in the breast can be possible mechanistic pathways involved, though further research is warranted.
Although gestational gigantomastia is a physiologically and physically disabling disorder, but it is not associated with poor gestational outcomes.
We present a unique and interesting case because of its occurance in four preceding pregnancies. It was managed conservatively in the index pregnancy with complete resolution in the postpartum period.
Keywords: Gigantomastia,

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