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External Cephalic Version with Tocolysis Editorial
Author(s) Name:
Fehmida Shaheen
Address of Correspondence

Prof. Fehmida Shaheen
Head of Obs/Gynae Dept
Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi



to compare success rate of external cephalic version with tocolysis and without tocolysis.
Study Design: randomized controlled trial.
Place and duration of study: this study was conducted at department of obstetrics/gynaecology Unit-II of Holy Family Hospital from 10-04-2009 to 09-04-2010.  
Methodology: after informed consent the women selected were enrolled randomly to one of the two groups i.e. tocolysis (group A) and non tocolysis (group B)
Results: total 134 women were included after fulfilling the inclusion criteria. Minimum age of the women was 20 years and maximum age was 40 years with mean 29.26± 5.60. All the patients had external cephalic version but out of these 134 patients 67 (50%) patients had tocolysis and remaining 67 (50%) patients did not have any tocolysis. Overall external cephalic version was successful in 101 (75%) of them and it failed in 33 (25%) cases. In tocolysis group ECV was successful in 56 (83%) women as compared to non tocolysis group in which success was achieved in 45 (65%) women. Vaginal delivery occurred in 54 (80%) in group A and in 45 (67%) in group B. Out of total 67 babies born in group with tocolysis, 66 babies survived and 1 baby died whereas in the other group without tocolysis all 67 babies born survived. 
Conclusion: in conclusion we can say tocolysis has significant effect on the success rate of external cephalic version.
Key words: external cephalic version, breech presentation, tocolysis.

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