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Relationship of Placental Infarcts with the Foetal Outcome in Pregnant Patients having Hypertensive Disorders Orginal Article
Author(s) Name:
Nadeem Shahzad, Faiqa Saleem Baig, Sadia Beenish,  Aisha Malik
Address of Correspondence

Dr. Nadeem Shahzad Assistant professor unit III Lady Willington Hospital Ravi Road Lahore.


Objective: to determine the frequency of placental infarcts in pregnant patients having hypertensive disorders and to find out its relationship with the Foetal outcome in these patients
Study Design: cross-sectional study.
Place and Duration of study: department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology unit 111, Lady Willington Hospital, Lahore over a period of six months from 1-01-2012   to 30-6-2012.
Methodology: 100 cases of pregnancy induced hypertensions were included in the study. The placentas of the subjects were examined and weighed after umbilical cord, extra placental membranes and adherent blood were removed and then fixed in 10% formalin.
Results: mean age of the patients was 24.9=3.7. Out of one hundred patients, placental infarcts were found in 34(34.0%) patients. Distribution of placental infarcts according to their grades reveals 21(61.7%) patients belong to < 3cm while in remaining 13(38.3%) patients grade of placental infarcts was > 3cm. Out of 34 Placental infarcts, 12 (35.3%) were focal and 22 (64.7%) were multifocal. Stillbirth occurred in 4 (11.7%) patients, Intra uterine growth restriction (IUGR) in 19 patients (55.9%) and Apgar score of less than 7 in 11 (32.4%).
Conclusions: placental infarcts are seen in 34% placentae of women with hypertension. Foetus is adversely affected by the placental infarcts.
Keywords: pregnancy induced hypertension, placental infarcts, still birth.

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