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Bilateral Large Complex Ovarian Tumours (Dermoid Cyst) in a Young Unmarried Girl Case Report
Author(s) Name:
Naila Tahir, Shaheera Usman
Address of Correspondence

Brig. Dr Naila Tahir, Associate Professor Army Medical College & Head of Obs/Gynae, Department Military Hospital Rawalpindi, Advisor in Gynae & Obs Pakistan Armed Forces



Complex bilateral ovarian tumours in young girls present management challenge. Preopearative investigations have limitations and surgeon aims at conserving reproductive function. Complications involving these cysts include torsion, rupture, infection and carcinoma ovary. The treatment involves laparoscopy or conventional surgery for removal of these tumours. A case of large bilateral mature cystic teratomas in a young unmarried girl is presented. Appropriate surgical management may preserve reproductive function for limited time interval. Due to loss of major portion of ovarian tissue , early child bearing is recommended. Long term biphasic hormone replacement therapy may be required.
Keywords: Mature cystic teratoma, Dermoid cyst, Bilateral.

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