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Role of Assissted Reproduction Technologies In Isolated Teratozoospermia Original Article
Author(s) Name:
Shabnum Sibtain, Hushmukh, Anil Gudi, Amit Shah, Roy Homburg
Address of Correspondence

Dr. Shabnum Sibtain
Clinical fellow subfertility, Homerton University Hospital Homerton Row, London E9 6SR, United Kingdom.



aim is to determine whether IUI, IVF or ICSI improves the probability of fertilization and live birth in couples with isolated teratozoospermia.
Study Design: retrospective Study.
Place and Duration: the study conducted from 2009 – 2010, review of notes at fertility unit at Homerton University Hospital, London.
Methodology: sixteen couples with isolated teratozoospermia having morphology <5% normal with no other factors affecting female partner were studied. All 16 couples had IUI and 15 couples had IVF.
Result: twenty five percent of the couples conceived. All with IVF and none with IUI factors which were taken into account were age, ethnicity, type and duration of subfertility and lifestyle. Homerton hospital provides services to diverse and multi-cultural east end of London.
Conclusion: this study demonstrated that IVF may benefit couples with isolated teratozoospermia.
Keywords: Teratozoospermia, Subfertility, IVF.

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