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Maternal and Fetal Determinants of Morbidities in Term Neonates Admitted to SCBU Original Article
Author(s) Name:
Shabnum Sibtain, Aaleen Azeez, Prabha Sinha
Address of Correspondence
Dr Shabnum Sibtain, Specialist Reproduction Medicine, University hospital cross house, Kilmarnock.UK

Objective: To determine the morbidity and mortality patterns of patients admitted into the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) of district hospital.
Study Design:  Retrospective study.
Place and Duration:  From 2011 to 2013 at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Methodology: One hundred and five women and neonates record with gestational age ≥37 weeks admitted into the Special baby unit of the Conquest and Eastbourne hospital.
Main outcome measures: Neonatal outcome encompassing ethnicity , age of women, antenatal and intrapartum risk factors, mode and timing of delivery, Apgar score , reasons for admission ,outcome and length of stay and readmissions.
Results: Admissions were related to pregnancy and delivery complications like smoking 35%, associated medical problems 27%, prelabour rupture of membrane >24hrs 11.4% ,BMI >30 was 8.5%, small for dates 8.5%, vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy 5.7%, babies above 95 centile 4.7%, pre-eclampsia 3.8%, cardiotocographic abnormality (CTG) 46.6%, caesarean deliveries 46% and 54% vaginal. Birth of the first child born was associated with increased likelihood for admission (45%). The leading contributors to SCBU admission were hypoxia 40.9%, respiratory complications 31.4% and neonatal sepsis 29.5% .In 21% neonates Apgar score were less than 7 at 5 mins. Nearly one third of babies were admitted for 24-48 hours. 85% had good outcome. 13% had readmissions.
Conclusion: Term infant’s admissions are major contributors to workload.  Neonatal admissions can be reduced through enhancement of good antenatal and delivery care
Keyword: Adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes, Intrapartum interventions, Obstetric risk factors, SCBU.

Cite this article as: Sibtain S, Azeez A, Sinha P. Maternal and Fetal Determinants of Morbidities in Term Neonates Admitted to SCBU. J. Soc. Obstet. Gynaecol. Pak. 2016; 6(1):29-33.

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